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Vue Spacex Database App using spacex API

Posted on 5th December, 2021

A web application created in Vue which uses SpaceX open API to fetch details of their missions, rockets and more.

It uses 'Vue-tailwind' and 'TailwindCSS' for styling components. Docker and Nginx is used to serve production build.


Vue2 Vue-Tailwind TailwindCSS Docker Nginx


Youtube Idea Tracker App created in Node and Express

Posted on 12th December, 2021

A youtube idea tracker app created using Node and Express. For styling Tailwind CSS is used which is my preferred CSS library these days. The purpose of this app is to jot down ideas for your upcoming videos on Youtube.

Once I was going through one of the tutorials of Brad Traversy from Traversy Media. He had a mini project on this idea created in Express. I went through it and had this project of my own with major modifications into it like ability to add images with your ideas and comments to your ideas. There might be more features in the pipeline in the future like full CRUD on comments for instance which is not in existence as of now I believe.

Tailwind components are inspired by the following sites. Please do check them for more awesome content :)


Node Express MongoDB Mongoose TailwindCSS

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MERN Subject Notes

Posted on 12th December, 2021

A subject notes manager using MERN stack. This application was created a part of hiring process for an organization.

It honed my MongoDB skills with the nested queries I've used a lot in this project up to 3 Levels. This project supports CRUD operations on Subjects, Topics and Notes. Hierarchy is something like this Subject --> Topics --> Notes

I like experimenting with different UI kits available in React and Vue and for this I've opted to go for Chakra UI. It was a pleasant experience developing UI using Chakra and would be definitely looking to work with it in my future projects. You can find the project screenshots below and at the very bottom you would have the project link for Github. If this project sparks your interest, do check it out on Github and leave a star as token of appreciation.

By the way if you haven't already please do check this out Chakra


Node Express React MongoDB Mongoose Chakra UI

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