About Me

Hey there visitor, thank you for visiting my blog. Please enjoy your stay here, I use this platform to write blog entries about the problems which I face in my every-day life as a Software Engineer.

My real name is 'Amit', on Github I go by username 'Apfirebolt'. I reside in a country named 'India' somewhere in South Asia. When I am not busy in my job, you'd find me engaged in Gaming, surfing Youtube watching some abridged web series, browsing through tech and design related blogs and cooking to a lesser extent. I also like traveling but, there are few constraints in life which prevent me follow this passion (insert sad face emoji here). I am also fond of Graphic designing and video editing. I also occasionally post gameplay videos on my Youtube channel.

I like music, I like to try various music instruments like Violin, Guitar and Piano when I have some spare time. Though, I don't play any of these instruments that good, I like to learn how to play them.