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Django vs Express - Comparison of Popular Back-end Frameworks

Posted on 5th December, 2021

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print('Hello World')


Top 7 CSS Frameworks in 2022

Posted on 5th December, 2021

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Top Open APIs to use for development in 2022

Posted on 21st December, 2021

REST APIs play an important role in populating single page applications with data. APIs for the most part are paid or have a free tier that requires you to have relevant API keys to authenticate and fetch data. Here I list few APIs which do not require authentication, you just make a hit to API end-points and you'd have the response. These APIs could be helpful to you in populating you front-end apps and experiment with concepts like pagination, filtering, sorting and more. I've used some of these APIs in quickly building Front-end applications experimenting with different UI libraries available while not worrying about a data source. Alternatively, you could also use datasets available in json format and import it into your front end applications.

The list is compiled from this Github repo. I've tried many APIs from this compiled list and only listing those APIs which had something which caught my interest and are incredibly easy to use. I might have missed some of the APIs which might be forgivable given the huge list of Public APIs this reference repository has. But only a small fraction of it do not have any sort of authentication and contain ample amount of data to test in your front-end applications.

1. GitHub API

Github is generous enough to open source it's API. It's very easy to integrate and provides tons of information regarding users, repositories, followers and much more. This API is huge, I might have only explored a small chunk of it. Definitely would look forward to visit it again for exploration. Here is a sample api request which would fetch my Github details which is publicly available. Please find the links of some of the applications in React and Vue which use this API.

Github Finder in React

Github Finder in Vue

2. SpaceX API

SpaceX has a public API which you can use to query about their Missions, Rockets, Payloads, Dragons, Capsules, Launches and more. Honestly, I don't have a clear picture of what some of these terms mean in Space terminology, I got these terms straight from their website This is the link to their docs which is generated using Postman Documentation Creator. Here is a sample end-point which fetches all the launch related data from the SpaceX API.

In case you're interested I have built a Vue App using this API as data source and has almost all the end-points of this API covered. Please inspect the repo Here

3. Cocktail DB API

I came to know about the existence of this API recently through a friend of mine who was asked to complete a front-end React application utilizing this open API. This is an open API which has a large database of cocktails, mocktails and other similar drinks around the world. Contains information like ingredients used to prepare the drink, images of the recipe and more.

They provide additional information like multiple filters and do not limit query search results for subscribed users. Please find sample API access point Here , this would show results for all the results related to term "margarita". You can modify the search parameters to get desired results as per the search string passed. For more information you can check their official docs

4. SWAPI (Star Wars API)

Here is the website for this API This provides API for data related to Star Wars franchise for 7 movies. I randomly stumbled upon this API and decided to create. There are end-points to get data for planets, people, starships, vehicles which are displayed in Star Wars franchise. End-points to get a detailed view for individual planet, person and vehicle are also available. Here is a sample route of the API which you can trying making a request

I have an application in React which I did to familiarize myself with the library called React-Query. This app makes use of this Star Wars API for managing asynchronous data and pagination, in case interested you can check the link of the application here

5. Coincap API

Coincap is one of the many APIs available which would fetch real time cryptocurrency data. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this API does not require authentication. But they would be keeping track of how many requests you're going to make within a specific duration of time. The official API website suggests you're allowed to make 200 api calls per minute which should be suffice for API testing or building non-commercial hobby/educational applications.

Here is a sample end-point which would fetch data pertaining to Bitcoin like price in US dollars, 24 hour volume and more.

6. Game of Thrones API

API for Game Of Thrones. It has end-points to fetch characters, houses and books which belong to GOT universe. The official website for this API is Please find the sample end-points for this API below.

7. Age of Empires API

This was my the first game I ever played on my PC, so this would always be special for me. Recently, I ordered the remastered versions of edition 1 and 2 from Microsoft Store. Their newest installment is version 4, pretty new having released around a couple of months back

I noticed there is an API available for this game while I was scrolling through the Games section of the Public APIs mentioned in the reference Github repo. The API is available on Heroku and the source code is available on Github. I plan to use this in one of my mini-projects in the future which normally involve experimentation with UI libraries and various components they provide in Vue and React.

Here is the end point which retrieves all the civilizations available in version 2 of the franchise. Complete API documentation created using Postman is available here . Interested folks can also check the repo on Github here

8. Dog CEO API

It's an API which contains over 20000+ dog images of 120 breeds as claimed on their website It could be a fun API to experiment with especially if you need huge collection of images in your web application. They probably do not have support to fetch multiple images at once, you'd need to perform an API call to fetch each image.

You can check a sample end-point of this API which retrieves list of all dog breeds by clicking here

9. Pokemon API

Pokemon has been my favourite gaming franchise for probably the longest time. It occupies a significant chunk of my childhood so have some memories linked to it dating back to 2003 when I first had my own PC. I've played Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and more. Anyways, I do not play any games of this franchise for quite some time now.

Anyways, I completely got carried away from the topic. Talking about the API, it does have a large database based on Pokemon Games and provides listing for Pokemon names, items, moves, statistics and more. New generation gets added every 3-5 years and I believe this API gets updated incorporating the latest data from the latest games which were introduced which would be Pokemon Sword and Shield at the time of writing this post.

This API seems to work smoothly for Postman but, I have faced CORS issue sometimes in my Front end applications while working with this API. You'd find screenshot attached below of the official website containing the Docs. Please find a sample end-point which fetches data for Charizard for a quick access here

10. Covid 19 API

At the time of writing this, it has been more than 2 years since we have been gripped by Covid. It's becoming increasingly difficult to think of going back to pre-Corona times. There has been a recent spike around the world.

Anyways, I found this Covid tracker API here on Github .

This API would fetch latest Covid statistics from around the world. It has 3 news sources, data can be filtered through location and country. Complete Swagger documentation of the API can be found here . Please find a sample end-point which fetches Covid related data for India here . The API is build using Python and Fast API

Cocktail DB API

Screenshot of the Cocktail DB website which has the API docs for the cocktails API.

PokeApi Website

Contains docs for Pokemon API

Github API

Homepage of the Github API with docs